These are our top items for everything in and out of the gym.  Things from cooking to hiking that fit our high standards for quality and health while enjoying your fitness lifestyle.


Prime Fitness USA

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ATP Labs

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Instant Pot

A quick and easy tool for meal prep. Steam, pressure cook, pot roast, there are tons of options for cooking your favorite foods with minimal cleanup.

Choose from 3, 6, or 8 quart sizes (Amazon Affiliate Link)


Our favorite pour-over coffee maker. Made of glass which, unlike traditional coffee makers that allow plastics to be in contact with the hot water, won’t leach potentially harmful chemicals in to your brew.

6 Cup Size (CLICK HERE) (Amazon Affiliate Link)

8 Cup Size (CLICK HERE) (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Chemex Filters

These are far beyond traditional coffee filters. They’re thicker and are unbleached.  They do a much better job of filtering out particulates from your brewed coffee.  Ever noticed there are still tiny bits of ground coffee at the bottom of your cup with a French press or traditionally brewed coffee?  Not with these.  In our opinion, coffee filtered through these just tastes better.

100 Filter Pack (CLICK HERE) (Amazon Affiliate Link)


Lems Shoes

Zero drop heel-to-toe. Super lightweight. Wide toe box to accommodate natural healthy toe spread.

This is the team’s favorite shoe for the gym or just walking around. Multiple options and styles available, but the Primal 2 is our go-to gym shoe.

Explore Shoe Options (affiliate link)

Altra Shoes

Lightweight, wide toe box, rugged grip.  These are Coach Kassem’s favorite shoes for hiking.  They also work well for pushing a heavy sled on turf.

Timp Design (affiliate link)

Lone Peak Design (affiliate link)


Feetures Socks.

Extra padding in the high-wear contact points, and compression where you need support.  Probably the most comfortable socks you’ll ever get.

Designed to fit the shape of your foot for ultimate performance and comfort. CLICK HERE to check them out (affiliate link)