Membership Plans

Basic Membership


For the trainee looking to increase their knowledge of exercise execution, training theory, and educational resources to help take their results to the next level. Enjoy access to the advanced exercise library for easy access for setup tips, execution cues, 360˚ views and more.

Program Membership


Includes everything from the Basic membership. Get access to training programs written by the N1 coaches and assessment tools to help you choose which ones will suit you and your goals best at each step along your fitness journey.

Online Coaching

Only for the most dedicated who are ready to take advantage of the knowledge of an N1 coach to guide, assess, and customize their entire journey. Limited spots available and new clients accepted by application only.

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Features Basic Membership Program Membership Online Coaching
Exercise Library
Selectable Training Programs X X
Nutrition Calculators X X
Personal Training Programs X X
Personal Nutrition Plans X X
Personal Supplement Plans X X
Monthly 1-1 Coaching Calls X X