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It is not required, but we highly recommend it so that you can reference the loads you used for future workouts in that program. We have built a “Workout History” tool that lets you search all your past weights for each exercise (you can even sort by rep range, tempo, rest period, etc. to be as accurate as possible).

We have several programs designated for working out at home with only resistance bands and a suspension trainer. Just search “home” in the Workout Library to filter them.

If you have additional equipment (free weights, cable machine, etc) you can swap in exercises for the body weight or bands depending on what you have available. If you have at least a functional trainer and free weights, you can still do most of the other programs with exercise substitutions. We have substitutions suggestions listed at the bottom of each exercise’s page in the library. You can also ask for assistance in the forum where the coaches can aid you.

You can take away an even amount of protein and carbs to move over to fats in most cases. You’ll want your minimum fats to be about .3-.4g per pound of lean body mass. Just keep in mind that protein/carbs are about 4 kcal per gram and fats are 9. So for every 9g of protein or carbs reduced, you would only replace it with 4g of fat.

There are several articles in the Member Content area with guidelines on nutrition timing and combinations. If you would like a meal-by-meal breakdown of your macros, that is something that is only currently available through Online Coaching

While the neurological programs could work with a ketogenic diet, you will get better results incorporating at least a small amount of carbohydrates in any of the programs to aid in recovery and performance. This will be true regardless of your goal. The majority of the metabolic and hypertrophy programs would not be ideal on strict keto. Even when adding in some carbohydrates around training, depending on the type of stimulus, it may not kick you out of an overall ketogenic state for the day. If you wish to stick strictly to the typical ketogenic diet, these would be the best suited plans:

Ascending Load 1

Ascending Load 2

Descending Rep 1

Descending Rep 2

Wave Loading

The programs and recommended nutrition will not change for vegetarians/vegans. The stimulus and recovery demands are still exactly the same, but how you choose to fill those nutrition requirements will of course be different. We’ve worked with vegans and vegetarians as clients and as long as the nutrient demands are met, they progress exactly the same. We just typically have to use additional supplementation for things that aren’t as present in plant based diets, such as B-vitamins, certain amino acids, etc.

As often as needed! Part of the N1 philosophy is that individuals adapt at different rates or may need to change training stimuli more frequently than others. Even if you start a program and find that it doesn’t work well for your schedule, you are free to switch to another program. Just be cautious that you aren’t “program hopping” or you will have a hard time producing consistent results and may mistakenly think that you’ve plateaued.

You can follow the rest period from the last set of As or however long it takes you to set up your station for the next group of exercises. The rest between different exercise groupings is less important than the rest within a super set. We also assume that it might take longer to set up next exercises due to busy gym or where things are located, so don’t stress too much about it. An extra 60 seconds is not a big deal when going from As to Bs, etc.

This can be very individual depending on many factors. If you are needing to de-load after a program we have an article on how to choose those HERE. If you are looking for help with your periodization we offer a Coaching Guidance add-on where one of the N1 coaches will personally review your information and help you pick the best program for you and your goal. You may sign up for that service HERE.

Please see the article How to Choose Your First N1 Training Program for assistance with picking based on your goals and current training.

You will just need to cancel your existing Basic Membership and then purchase the Program Membership. To cancel, go to your Member Zone, click Account Dashboard, click on “Subscriptions”, and then click “Cancel” next to the existing membership. Then visit the program page you wish to begin with and sign up! View program library HERE

Please watch the guided tour video of the Exercise Library and all of its features.

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Membership can be cancelled at any time from the Account Dashboard found in the Member Zone.  Refund requests must be submitted to [email protected] within 30 days of billing date and are considered on a case by case basis. No refunds will be processed after 30 days. Full cancellation and refund policy HERE

You may cancel your membership to terminate any future charges by accessing the Account Dashboard from the Member Zone. Full cancellation policy HERE

There are often several exercises that are similar to one another based on several criteria. In those cases we have grouped them together under the most common exercise in the Library. We then add the different variations in the 360˚ views. We launched with about 100 exercises and will continue adding regularly as we have more in production (over 200+ more).

Please watch the guided tour video of the Exercise Library and all of its features.

Welcome to N1 Training! Watch This First!

The Strength Curve refers to the ability of a muscle to generate force at different lengths. Muscles are strongest in the mid range (not full shortened or fully lengthened) but the relative degree to how much more force they can produce varies by muscle, due to their structure (referred to as architecture) and the mechanics of the joint(s) they act on.


The Resistance Profile is a description of where a particular exercise is relatively the most challenging throughout the range of motion.


We do not have a formal forum, but we have a Facebook group where all the N1 coaches your fellow students are active daily.

If you have technical questions or inquiries about coaching, you can submit them on the Contact Page and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

N1 is symbolic for taking an approach of N of 1.  While traditional education models provide you with general information that applies to no one.  An N of 1 approach looks at the specifics to an individual so you can program for anyone. Everyone comes with their unique genetics, goals, training & diet history, and a whole host of lifestyle and environmental factors that make their needs truly unique.

The details of what is included in N1 Online Coaching are shown HERE

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We are planning an app in the future, but we worked to make the site as mobile friendly as possible until that project is completed.

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