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Everything plays a role in how you recover and adapt to training. Sleep, gut health, mitochondrial health, neurological efficiency, inflammation, neurotransmitter balance, detoxification pathways, glucose sensitivity, the list goes on. Our extensive intake process and regular check-ins help us gather and monitor everything necessary to ensure that we have every bit of information to help us deliver what is best for you every step of the way and avoid plateaus along the way.

Training and nutrition are not two separate things when it comes to optimizing your physique and health. They must always match one another in order to result in the best possible outcome. N1 looks at the biochemical responses from training types and matches them with an appropriate nutrition plan that will fuel both performance and recovery down to a cellular level.

Our mission and promise to you is that we will work with you on an individual level, not like textbook case study.


You Are Not Average. We Refuse To Treat You Like It.

Scientific studies can only provide so much insight. The ‘evidence’ and conclusions they present are the average of a group of individuals, individuals who may or may not have any similarities to you. We take evidence-based guidelines into consideration and then go a step further. It is filtered and interpreted with experience and a logic-based approach to customizing training and nutrition to an individual’s needs and goals.

N1 does not blindly apply generalized recommendations that pervade the fitness industry. Each person has specific biological, structural, and neurological factors that must be considered to construct a truly personalized plan that will deliver consistent results.

Exercise Execution Library

Your workouts will have links to each exercise so you know exactly how to set up and perform each one optimally.

Direct Access to Your Coach

Weekly check-ins and progress photos help keep you accountable. Email your coach at any time if you have questions and they'll get back to you within 48 hours (normally much sooner).

1-on-1 Coaching Calls (Level 2)

With Level 2 Coaching, get on a call each month with your coach for in-depth progress reviews, education on program design, or cover more detailed questions you might have.

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