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What is N1?

N1 training is the source of information, programs and coaching for those looking for the a completely individualized exercise execution, training programs and nutrition. From the most comprehensive exercise library in existence, training programs, to the best online coaches. This is where generalizations come to die, and the truth can be found.

The N1 Advantage

No one is truly average, and neither should their training and nutrition be. The key to always making progress is to make sure you are doing the right things at the right time for the individual.

There is a best training program, nutrition strategy, and supplement protocol. However what that is, is unique to each individual, and will change for them over time. We are often fooled into believing that there is a superior way or training, dieting, or supplement protocol that applies to everyone all the time.

When you understand the science of assessing trainability and programing for an individual, it takes the guesswork out of what is the best program. That’s why even our new students out coach most “experts” in the industry.

What Makes N1 Different?​

Our Mission at N1 Training

Not just a bunch of volume and randomly selected exercises for each body part. Each workout and exercise is designed down to execution and the tempo of each rep to create a desired stimulus for adaptation.

Based on Trainability

N1 programs are designed with progression in mind to accommodate your individual ability to adapt to a given stimulus so you’re always progressing. Embracing the process should not mean settling for plateaus.

Biology, Not Bro-Science

Save time filtering through opinion and “it worked for me” recommendations. Cut right to the science that matters and enjoy seeing predictable results. Our programs are based on the industry leading science and application from N1 Education.

N1 Creates Problem Solvers

We want you to know the “why” as well as the “how” so that you can apply the principles we teach you to make informed decisions on your own. Understanding the application empowers you to be able to adjust for yourself or clients faster and be able to structure planned outcomes from your training.

Our Mission at N1 Training

Our mission is to give you the knowledge and application that empowers you to perform every exercise, training program, and nutrition plan in the way that fits you best. There are so many people doing “good programs” and getting bad results simply because good is contextual to what your body needs at this moment in time. We want to help evolve the industry to looking at each trainee as an N of 1 rather than putting people in groups. We now have the science to drastically improve the results for every individual and it starts with you.

N1 Training Features

Comprehensive Exercise Library

100+ exercises including setup tips, execution cues, and 360˚ views. Use our advanced exercise search engine to find the right exercise for you. Filter by muscle group, movement, muscle length trained, machine vs free weight, even by brand of equipment!

Community Support

All of the students of N1 are invited to join the private social media community to share thoughts, ideas, content and also to engage with and meet other like minded and driven individuals.


All of the N1 Training content is available globally and is optimized across platforms. To fit with your busy lifestyle, content can be accessed via desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices so learning on the go is never a problem.

Exclusive Student Resource Center

The library is the home to all of the N1 content outside of the workouts themselves. We have more in-depth content spanning all of the N1 topics and more. Practical application videos, nutrition, lifestyle, training theory, biomechanics, and written content all exclusive to you as an N1 member.

Assessment Tools

Use our assessment feature to determine how and when to change your training for continued progress without plateaus based on your recovery and trainability.

Choose-Your-Destiny Programs

Use our training guide tool to pick your next program based on your current progress, recovery, and goal.


Learn, Train, Progress

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