Guided by an N1 Coach (not a robot)
Comprehensive evaluation of your progress and biomarkers
Strategic personalized periodization

Program periodization is a critical component of consistent progress both short term and long term.

The right program and nutrition combination depends not only on your goal but your ability to respond to certain types training.

The tricky part is knowing how to organize your training for the best possible results based on your personal needs and situation. This includes factors outside of the gym like sleep quality, digestion, and stress.

Having an experienced coach, who knows how to assess these factors and choose the right program for your situation is an invaluable tool. That is what the Coaching Guidance includes.

You get live access to one of our coaches who will personally review your information and guide you from program to program based on how you are progressing to help you continue to see positive results. It gives you the peace of mind to have someone with experience planning your journey out for you so all you have to focus on is executing the plan.

This is a great option if 1-on-1 online coaching doesn’t fit your budget right now, or if you like doing things mostly on your own but just want the more complex assessment and periodization components taken care of for you.

This membership option is IN ADDITION to the Program Membership.
You must also have the Program Membership to receive Coaching Guidance.

Would You Like An Intelligently Guided Training Experience?

Convenient Guidance Process

Simply fill out an assessment form each week. Just like a simple check-in.

Ensures That You Stay on Target

The N1 coaches will guide you through the program order that best suits your goal.

Reviewed by People Not Formulas

An actual N1 coach reviews & emails you instructions for your programs. Not bots.


Periodization Needs to be Individualized

There is more to designing a training journey for someone’s goal than just putting programs in the right order. Determining WHEN to change programs is just as important as putting them in the right stimulus.

For You If
You've struggled with consistent progress
You're serious about long-term results
You want to go at your own pace with a bit of guidance
You want a strategically planned training journey
1-on-1 Coaching is a little out of your budget
You know the value of periodization but don't know how to do it effectively
You aren't sure how to track and interpret biomarkers (sleep, digestion, energy, etc)
Not For You If
You have trouble sticking to a program for at least 2-3 weeks
Tracking your workouts or progress seems tedious
You want a completely individualized nutrition and training plan (that's online coaching)
You aren't willing to submit a quick weekly check-in

Would You Like An Intelligently Guided Training Experience?

Do you have more questions? Please feel free to email [email protected] with the subject “Coach Guidance”.