Fat Loss Misconception

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There is a misconception that fat loss occurs faster when you start a diet or fat loss program. That is not the case. Here is what really happens and how to avoid plateauing.



00:05 A huge misconception is that fat loss occurs faster when you first start a diet or training program

02:26 You can tolerate a greater deficit when you’re in better shape

03:17 The benefits of clean eating without a calorie deficit

04:19 If you want to get the maximum transformation; initial improvements should be from health and lifestyle changes and appropriate training stimulus

05:48 Be conservative with your initial calorie deficit

09:19 Training becomes a more powerful tool as a person gets in better shape

11:00 Where to start people on a fat loss program

14:00 First week of fat loss; realistic baseline; track everything

16:58 Early training programs to start with in fat loss

19:28 Driving metabolic function up; step on the gas with training (first 3 weeks)

22:44 Taking a break from the metabolic phase, what next


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