Intro to Resistance Profiles & Strength Profiles

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Resistance profiles (or curves) and strength profiles (or curves) can sound intimidating or complicated at first, but the concepts are quite simple.

They are also very important to understand if you are writing workouts for yourself or others. They massively influence exercise selection depending on the goal of the workout.

In this short introductory video, Coach Cody will share some visual and real-life examples so that when come across these terms again, they won’t be foreign to you. At the end, there will also be some practical tips and common mistakes to avoid.



00:20 Resistance Profile Definition & Examples

01:50 Strength Profile Definition & Visual Example

03:48 Practical Application & Common Mistakes


As mentioned in the video, if you’d prefer to have all of these considerations taken care of for you, please consider exploring the Workout Program library for one that suits your goal.  We also have an article to help you Choose Your First Program if you’re not sure where to start.

If you’d like to learn how to evaluate and apply exercise selection for specific goals, consider the Biomechanics course and the Nutrition & Program Design course, which are both included in the N1 Certification.

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