Phony Physics? A Review of Claims and Models

n1 training

After appearing on Mark Bell’s Power Project, we began to receive some question regarding controversial claims made by Doug Brignole. So we invested in Doug’s full product to provide an informed review and opinion.

In this portion of the review, Kassem covers the mathematical problems with Doug’s physics models and provides important context abut evaluating exercises on more than just a single point in a resistance curve.

Towards the end there is a chart scoring popular quad exercises like the hack squat, pendulum squat, heel elevated squat, barbell squat, quad dominant leg press, and Doug’s Brig-20 quad exercises, the leg extension, cable sissy squat and cable squat.

Everyone probably knows by now that we are fans of the leg extension, especially the Prime Fitness leg extension. But you will have to watch the video to see Kassem’s evaluation and ranking of the cable sissy squat and cable squat compared to the other quadricep exercises.

At the end of the day physics is a valuable metric that should be included in the thought process of exercise selection and programming choices. However if you are not doing the physics properly, you may end up making poor decisions.

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