What is the N1 Program Membership?

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The N1 Program Membership grants you access to an entire library of training programs.  It allows you to formulate your own training journey based on your goals, training experience, even equipment availability and schedule.

Regardless of which program you begin with, you have the freedom to change to a different program at any time.  This allows you the flexibility to periodize your training on an as-needed basis.

Once you choose your first program, you don’t need a new membership to change to a new one. With a few clicks you can switch to your next program and get started seamlessly.

If you’re not sure which one you should begin with, read How to Choose Your First N1 Program to help get you on the right track.

As you go through your workouts, you can log everything right into the program!  This allows you to look back at your previous workouts to help pick weights for your next one.  (NOTE: We are also building additional features for you that will use this data later, so don’t forget to log your workouts)

Preview of the Workout View Features & Logging



What Is Coming

We have started the Program Library with all the essentials to get started for any goal and will be continuing to add new program options regularly.

(there is currently over 12 months of workouts available if you only did each once)

We’ll be continuing to add programs featuring:

  • Different set & rep methods
  • Multiple ways to achieve certain stimuli to varying degrees
  • Hybrid programs
  • Options for those with limited equipment
  • Gym-friendly variations
  • Progressions and regressions of certain programs 


Our goal is that there will always be somewhere for you to progress and at least one program that fits exactly what you need next.

We also clearly label which phase of training each program fits in to as well as which goals they work best with so that you can quickly assess whether it will fit what you need.

With all of these options we know it can seem a little overwhelming when looking for your next program, which is why we’ve created some ways to help you navigate through to properly periodize your training.

How to Choose Your Next N1 Training Program outlines some example periodizations as well as another way we can help you customize your training journey.

What is Included

Every program includes a specifically designed nutrition calculator made specially for that program. Many programs even allow you to choose different goals within that same program if it suits them.  For example, some programs might allow you to choose either fat loss or muscle gain and will customize the nutrition accordingly for you.

There are also multiple options for individualization on the nutrition calculators to help you tailor it to exactly what your body needs for recovery, performance, and progress.

Of course, you still have complete access to all of the other features of the Basic Membership:

300+ Exercises in the Library

400+ Articles & Videos (with more added every week)

10% Discount on Nutri-Dyn practitioner-grade supplements through your free account (bonus for being an N1 Training member)

Once you’re ready to choose your first program, head over to the Program Library to read more about what each program has to offer and get started!

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