Reverse Drop Sets

n1 training

If you are limited by equipment availability, training the back musculature with significant resistance in the lengthened position can be challenging.

Free weights and cable exercises are going to be most difficult in the short position and have very little resistance in the lengthened.

If you don’t have access to Prime Fitness equipment or even a Hammer Row machine where you can use some setup variations to overload the lengthened position, Coach Cody explains another option available to you.

Reverse Drop Sets

Important Note

You MUST be able to control the load in the lengthened position enough so that you are not pulled out of your active range and start shifting the majority of the tension to other tissues.

This works for most any exercise that is naturally overloaded in the short position and can be very convenient if you have a busy gym or limited equipment and still want to train with significant tension throughout the entire range of a given muscle.

Some other exercises this technique can work well for include:

  • Calf Presses
  • Arm Supported DB Curls
  • DB Lateral raises
  • Leg Curls (depending on the machine’s resistance profile)

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