Webinar: Banded RDL & Professional Responsibility in Education

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02:50 What prompted this webinar.

04:00 Why context and seeing the “big picture” matter

04:40 Labelling an exercise “bad”

06:00 Banded RDL Overview and Range of Motion vs RDL

09:49 Comparing Resistance Profiles and Physics of the Exercises

17:54 Determining Torque

20:58 Banded RDL vs 45˚ Hip Extension

27:51 Range of Motion & Resistance Profile comparison between 6 different hip extension focused exercises

33:38 Band vs Bar weight in a banded RDL

34:55 Why torque isn’t everything when evaluating an exercise

38:00 When to use a Banded RDL

43:14 Coach Cody answers: What is the difference between a Banded RDL and loading a hyperextension for glute engagement?

44:10 Coach Cody: When NOT to use a Banded RDL. Superset examples for more metabolic stimulus or extending work for the glutes throughout their full range of motion.

44:10 Coaches Adam, Cody, & Kassem: Value of a Banded RDL for teaching hip extension with a client

47:07 Coach Cody: How the band helps shift your execution focus

44:10 Coach Allen: Coaching experiences with different methods of teaching hip extension

53:00 Coach Kassem answers: If I can use more load in a regular RDL than a banded RDL, doesn’t that mean that I’m getting more work for the hamstrings in the lengthened position?

54:55 Coach Adam’s Response to: The banded RDL being a “waste of time”

55:55 Coach Kassem answers: If I don’t have a 45 degree extension, is a Banded RDL or Glute Bridge the better option?

57:52 Coach Allen answers: If you don’t have a rack to do banded RDLs in, is it ok as a trainer to just hold the band for the client?

58:58 Coach Cody answers: Once you learn the full movement of hip extension and flexion, would you eliminate the band completely?

59:31 Coach Kassem covers the value of having varying resistance profile options for different muscle groups in your program

1:01:51 Key Take Aways for the Banded RDL

1:04:28 Coach Adam rants on not spreading bad information

1:05:15 Coach Allen discusses the importance of avoiding absolutes and having an open mind to learn

1:07:44 Coach Kassem answers: Is the Pull-Through a good exercise for glutes? If not, why?

1:09:51 How do you know who and what to trust?

1:15:06 Coach Adam: You can’t base everything on just one course

1:16:26 Coach Allen: Taking a mature approach to learning and sharing information

1:20:03 Coach Cody: The use of social media as an educational platform

1:20:27 Coach Adam: What you don’t see or hear about on social media

1:21:41 Coach Kassem: The appropriate way to handle something you disagree with, when it is not appropriate to start a discussion on social media, and the importance of having a group of people you can talk to and discuss ideas with.

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