Activation Exercises Aren’t Evil, but Shouldn’t Be Needed

n1 training


There isn’t something inherently wrong with doing “activation” exercises to contract muscles in their short position, but NEEDING to do them to be able to function indicates that there is a deeper issue.  They should not be necessary for you to be able to train and move.  Here is what should be considered.



00:47 The need for activation exercises comes from deficiencies in the way you are training

03:41 Question: What do you think of neuro activation for explosive movements

04:56 If you are going in to squat, your activation exercise is the squat

06:59 What’s on the market right now for activation could be significantly improved

07:49 We eliminate the need for activation exercises with good training and programming

10:39 When we start using internal intent cues the room for error goes up exponentially

12:01 We are meant to move, all of our stability needs to be in the context of movement

14:53 When it comes to stabilizing, you have to learn how to do it through motion


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