Biceps Training Comparison

The biceps has two heads, which both cross the elbow and the shoulder joint. Some may think that with a movement as simple as elbow flexion, that we can’t get a practical difference in training one head or the other. I would beg to differ both anecdotally, observationally, and with the combination of the published research, and what we do in the N1 Lab.

You may have seen some footage of experiments we did for the different triceps heads. Here is an experiment we did with Brian Minor and Alberto Nunez during a visit in Colorado. They were generous enough to let me explain how we come up with out positions based on our biomechanics as well as testing and data.

Then we went through the process of comparing the short positions for the short and long head biceps. They were able to see the data real time, as well as the post analysis and agreed that I could share it with you, even though I may have found evidence that they need bigger biceps to make my life easier.

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