N1 Experience E1: Dr. Helms – Evidence Based Coaching & Partial ROM Training

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04:41 what does a science based approach look like for coaches

15:26 Is there a correlation between people who label themselves as evidenced based and Dunning Kruger?

19:20 What percentage of coaching decisions are actually science based?

28:58 Principles for exercise selection

33:47 Where does range of motion and muscle length fit in?

36:32 Digging into the research on training at longer muscle lengths

53:27 What are the interesting questions we still have about lengthened biased training?

1:07:56 The benefit exist before the absolute longest muscle lengths, but if length is a factor

1:14:03 COME AT ME BRO! – Kassem ask Eric for his critiques of himself and/or N1





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