N1 Experience E3: Squats VS Hip Thrust Study Part 1

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On this Episode of the N1 Experience Kassem sits down with Daniel Plotkin, the lead author of the 2023 study comparing the squat vs the hip thrust for glute hypertrophy. Also on todays episode is Milo Wolf, who is at the forefront of the research on range of motion for hypertrophy. Together they give a much needed breakdown of the current research on glute training and what if anything this new study changes in how they approach programming for glute growth.

00:02:44 – Squat Depth Study – Kubo Et al
00:12:25 – Adding Hip Thrust/Volume study Kassiano Et al
– The Barbalho Study controversy
– Daniel explains how the Squat vs Hip Thrust Study got funded
00:27:26 – Summary of the Squat vs Hip Thrust Study
– How was the funding used?
– Confidence intervals difference between the glutes vs the thigh muscles
– Does this study provide insight into whether glutes benefit from lengthened biased training?
– Other Confounders besides ROM between the squat and hip thrust
– Breaking down the hip thrust technique
– Breaking down the squat technique
01:06:53 – Muscle specific proximity to failure differences between the exercises
– Steel manning the conflict of interest argument

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