N1 Experience E6: Is Exercise Science Killing Your Gains?

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Recently Alex published a video titled “Exercise Science is Killing Your Gains”    • Exercise Science is Killing Your Gains  

This prompted a lot of discussions, one with Dr Pak and Dr Milo Wolf that “went nowhere” – to quote Eric Helms,

   • Is Exercise Science REALLY Killing Yo…  

as well as Eric’s own reaction on Iron culture

   • Ep. 258- The Rise of Lifting Anti-Sci…  

Still I think a lot of people, myself included were left wanting to dig deeper into the rise of anti-science sentiments in the fitness community while simultaneously there is more so called “science-based” content popping up than ever. So I sat down with Alex, Dr Pak, and Dr Helms for about 2 hours each to peel back the layers on this topic, and at the end I will give you final thoughts. If you are like me and you enjoy these somewhat philosophical conversations about our industry, and how to navigate it and make it better, then you’ll get value out of the next 6+ hours of discussion.