Tempo Variations for Hip Extension

n1 training

Hip Extension tempo variations. In the video they are ordered from the most shorted bias to the most lengthened (stretch) bias.

Tempo is such an underrated tool in the industry, particularly I think in the “EB” circles because there isn’t a lot of research on properly programmed tempo variations.

It’s something I’ve used and taught successfully for over a decade now. I first got introduced to utilizing tempo back in my days attending Charles Poliquin seminars, but have expanded a lot upon that as I have learned more about mechanics, momentum, abs the physiological responses to training variables.

If you are limited on equipment options or just don’t have access to equipment that gives you a variety of resistance curve options, learning tempo applications is an amazing way to alter the resistance challenge of exercises.

We cover this in the first module of the N1 Education Biomechanics course.

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