"Nothing Shy of Amazing!"

n1 training

N1 truly is nothing shy of amazing!!

The online courses and the practical camps really are unrivalled in quality education and far exceeds any other educational courses out there for trainers at the moment. They take the most advanced, detailed and complicated information that most people don’t even attempt to learn because of its complexity and deliver it in away that everyone can understand and apply!

This has been the biggest flaw with other educational courses. I truly believe that their main goal is to offer the best educational service to help people and their main goal isn’t to just sell rubbish that is more marketable for more financial gain. This is the problem with other services like MI40 that are there just to make money and are great at advertising their programs that just look cool and use big buzz words to sound intelligent however a lot of the content is incorrect, which can put someone’s health at risk! These company’s are a disgrace in my eyes however the industry is lucky to have N1 here!!!

I can’t recommend them enough and I truly believe they will be seen as the number 1 educational service on the planet in the near future and I feel blessed to have come across them sooner rather then later! They have helped me transform my own life from tackling stress, improving sleep, getting healthy and becoming mentally stronger which has improved every aspect of my life from my social life to my university degree to my work performance! I am proud to say I’m an N1 student and always will be!

Barney Galiffe, CPT