Daily Essential Supplements

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Coach Kassem walks through what we believe to be some of the staples for overall health and metabolic function along with the benefits and recommendations for each.




00:30 Multivitamins & qualities to look for

00:40 Multivitamins: chelated minerals

02:25 Multivitamins: activated B-vitamins

04:45 Multivitamins: easily dissolvable

06:56 Nutri-Dyn Powdered Greens

09:33 Vitamin D + K2

12:12 Omega-3


Since filming this video, Nutri-Dyn has begun providing omega-3s at an equal to or superior quality to the Metagenics product mentioned. It is called Omega Pure.

ATP Lab also now offers high quality third-party tested fish oil both in liquid and capsule forms.

Those are now our preferred brands and sources that we personally use daily.

Nutri-Dyn has also begun making an equivalent multivitamin with phytonutrients and activated b-vitamins called Essential Multi.

The Essential Multi, Omega Pure, and Dynamic Greens can be found in the N1 Essentials category of the Nutri-Dyn store HERE

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