Pre-Workout Nootropics Part 1

n1 training


Pre-workout and the importance of indivaulation when choosing nootropics. In part one of this series, Coach Kassem covers how to choose a pre-workout based on training stimulus and the needs to balance out neurotransmitters.


0:25 Braverman test

1:13 Amino acids that provide base nutrients to boost dopamine

2:47 When you boost dopamine and what happens when it is imbalanced

4:17 Acetylcholine and mind/muscle connection. What acetylcholine is good/not good for

5:50 Creatine and preserving choline levels

7:26 People low in GABA or serotonin and what to do

8:29 Seratonin and it’s synergy with other neurotransmitters


Supplements Discussed:

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Growth Factor (Stimulant free pre-workout with Alpha GPC, Tyrosine, and ALCAR)






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Brain Restore (acetyl-l-carnitine + alpha GPC)

Pure L-Tyrosine

Ceriva (huperzine)

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