Sensation VS Mind-Muscle Connection

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Thinking that sensation in a movement correlates to its effectiveness, validity or the amount of tension has been the cause of many very poor movements becoming “insta” popular.

The reality is that sensation during exercise can mean a variety of things, and most people assume that because exercise is suppose to be good for you, that feeling an exercise in anyway must be good too.

Actually when things are going great with your muscle tension and biomechanics, the sensation is quite minimal. There is no sense in your body wasting any of your conscious attention on things that are working perfectly fine. Sensation tends to tighten when there is something we need to be aware of.

Very few people understand that mind muscle connection is not suppose to be about feeling a muscle working, but about controlling a muscle. It’s a mind to muscle connection, not a muscle to mind connection. A good mind muscle connection is independent of an exercise.

Hopefully this starts to get your mindset on a better track and remember that you should evaluate an exercise based on its mechanics, and how well that resistance suits your goal far more than by how well you “feel” it.

Special thanks to Eugene Teo for visiting us when we were in Australia to make these videos.




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