Top Supplements In A Calorie Deficit Part 2

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Part 2 of this series, Coach Kassem continues the discussion of the importance of digestion and the supplements that are high priority in a deficit.



00:30 – Micronutrients are going to be super important

01:00 – High quality multi, its importance and what to look for

02:29 – Enzymes the body has and how well they are able to process nutrients

04:33 – When we do not have enough enzymes

06:18 – Look at places a person has weaknesses, in terms of general health/metabolic function that could be solved by taking micronutrients

07:46 – In terms of a multi the one recommended


Since filming this video, Nutri-Dyn has begun making an equivalent multivitamin to the Metagenics Phytomulti with phytonutrients and activated b-vitamins called Essential Multi.

The Essential Multi can be found in the N1 Essentials category of the Nutri-Dyn store HERE

Digestive Enzymes:
ATP Labs Enzymatik Control (N1TEN = 10% off)

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