Calorie Deficits Part 1

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Are calories really all that matter? There is more to fat loss than being in a calorie deficit. If there wasn’t more to it, fat loss would be easy and anyone could get lean by just eating less. Experience shows us that doesn’t work. Coach Kassem will break down the other factors that play in to fat loss besides being in a calorie deficit.



0:40 – Things that matter besides “weight loss”

1:40 – Fat loss is possible without a calorie deficit

2:15 – A calorie deficit doesn’t guarantee fast fat loss

3:30 – Macros and training need to match

4:40 – Adherence

5:30 – Nutrient timing

6:20 – Suffering and starving throughout a transformation is inefficient training and nutrition

7:10 – Less of a deficit is needed if macros and training are done properly



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