Podcast: Barbell Mesearch

n1 training


1:00 Role reversal: Dean & Jeb introduce themselves to Kassem

3:30 Bane & Venom? What’s the deal?

4:30 Hip dominant vs quad dominant squatting

5:50 What is the goal of your particular squat?

9:00 Camps and loss of context

17:00 Why shoot for an upright squat?

20:00 Pain and context

30:00 External environment and experience

33:00 Are sensory exercises worth it?

39:00 Exercises that suck

51:00 Troubleshoot your own squat

1:04:00 Are deadlifts good for hypertrophy? Particularly hamstrings?

1:17:00 Nobody puts Kassem in the corner (or box)

1:19:00 Bane vs Venom explained

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