Podcast: Revive Stronger Part 1

n1 training


02:19 Kassem talks about the N1 principles and common mistakes people do with exercise execution

06:54 Exercise selection and program design

11:28 Mike talks about the stimulus to fatigue ration and what exercise to pick

17:33 Kassem elaborates on how he goes about creating a stimulus

22:35 Mike responds to Kassem’s approach and how to work a muscle group

29:34 Kassem responds with talking about the goal and purpose of an exercise along with exercise order

36:30 Mike goes back with some criticism about Kassem’s thoughts and focus on muscle stimulus

43:15 Kassem speaks about fatigue accumulation and stimulus

48:38 Mike speaks about central fatigue impact on overall effects of stimulus and exercise selection

53:57 Debate about systemic fatigue

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