DNA Testing: How Much Should It Influence Your Program?

How much can we learn from DNA testing that actually has a meaningful impact on how we train or live our lives as healthfully as possible? Should the results from a DNA dictate your training and nutrition habits? Well that is exactly what we’re going to cover as we dive into what these tests can […]

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Troubleshooting Digestion: Basic Tips & Action Steps

Troubleshooting Digestion: Basic Steps & Tips Gut health can be a very complex topic, but here are some basics you can consider if you are experiencing issues.  If you are experiencing serious problems with digestion, this is not a substitute for working with a licensed professional, but it can give you some starting points to […]

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Troubleshooting Sleep: Tips & Strategies for Quality Rest

Troubleshooting sleep can be a very important step in improving your results and overall health. Sleep is when the majority of your recovery from training takes place as well as multiple other processes that are essential for overall health and function.   Quality matters just as much as quantity. So don’t think that just because


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